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Originally Posted by Golden Sox View Post
Most younger White Sox fans don't even know who Einhorn is. He was the one who wanted to move the White Sox to Florida. When that didn't happen he sold most of his shares of the White Sox to Reinsdorf and has basically disappeared from Chicago. He lives in Arizona and has nothing to do with the White Sox. He didn't like being the second team in Chicago and would of rather moved the team to St. Pete. Anybody who would rather have a team in St. Pete instead of Chicago is an idiot. The Rays are in a one team market and have had good teams recently and they still can't draw or make any type of big money.
Einhorn is probably one of the biggest reasons why the Cubs, under the Tribune ownership, took off in popularity. The Trib bought the Cubs around the same time JR and EE bought the Sox. Einhorn is the one who wanted to take the Sox off free television and have his company, Sportvision, broadcast the games. This was before Chicago was wired for cable. The Sox disappeared from the public because to watch them, you had to buy a box from Sportsvision. While such a move today is routine, in 1981, it was bad decisionmaking.

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