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Originally Posted by Golden Sox View Post
I think if the bad guys on the Northside moved to Rosemont, the franchise would still be a goldmine. I would assume they would build a nice modern stadium with alot of parking. My only concern about Rosemont would be the stadium site is not close to the River Road Blue line station. They would have to do something about public transportation there in Rosemont. Other than that, I would move the team to Rosemont as long as Rosemont is still giving the land for free for the stadium. Spending upwards of $300 million on rehabbing a dump like Wrigley Field is just crazy. I read an article about the Boston Red Sox a few months ago where one of the team executives said if they had to do it all over again, they would of built a new stadium instead of rehabbing Fenway Park like they did.
The Cubs would love to build a new stadium. They just don't want it to be anywhere but where it is. They will never move, even if they go back and tell them they can't have anything.

I also get a kick out of them now saying the reason they haven't won in over 100 years is because they haven't had the revenues needed to win.

Some are actually buying all of it.
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