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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
I would like to know when the last time anyone affiliated with the Sox actually said this, or anything to that effect, because I think the answer is going to come back in the 25+ year range
It goes back 30 years to when Eddie Einhorn said that he thought that marketing the White Sox as the southside team or the alternative/rival to the Cubs was the wrong way to do it and that they should market themselves as "Chicago's American League team." Now whether or not that is still the view that is held by the marketing department, I don't know. The ownership is still the same and the White Sox have ceded a lot of ground to the Cubs in terms of marketing and have basically allowed the Cubs to bill themselves as Chicago's team. A lot of the reasons for that go back 30 years, but the reprecussions are still being felt today.

Go Sox!!!
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