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As much as I respect King and his comments over the years with the Sox, I must disagree with his overall marketing philosophy.

Even Bill Veeck, the greatest showman / fan friendly owner baseball has ever seen said, according to Jack Brickhouse, that "there's no substitute for winning..."

That's should be the first, middle and last priority in my opinion.

That doesn't mean you ignore marketing, not at all, and I agree completely that since the 'us vs. them,' and the 'grider rules' campaigns things have gone south, there's a lot that I think Brooks can do better.

But if you want to turn this franchise around, two things are needed which simply haven't been done by this ownership:

1. Consistently win...make the playoffs three years in a row or five times in seven years and then see what the fan / media situation is.

2. Take on the Cubs more of this "we're Chicago's American League team" nonsense. Start fighting for your own turf. The fact is that Cub fans simply aren't going to come and support the Sox when the Cubs are out of town and visa versa with Sox fans. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN... which makes the entire premise behind the "we're Chicago'a American League team" faulty. Take the bastards on.


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