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The entirety of the marketing platform needs to be overhauled. For far too long this team has been trying to sell itself in some sort of "stream of consciousness" manner, and it simply continues with fan polls etc.

First off, the White Sox organization needs to take an inventory. An inventory identifying its competetion, and inventory identifying its strengths and an inventory identifying its weaknesses, but it has to do so in an overall manner (I'll explain) in order to reach any sort of effective marketing plan.

Take competition for example. For far too long they've viewed the Cubs as their primary competition, and, while the Cubs certainly are a competitive factor, I don't think it's the reason why the White Sox are suffering at the gate. There are many more competitors out there trying to separate people from their money (which is all marketing really is) and they include gambling facilities, vacations, basically any sort of entertainment venue (which is all a baseball game really is). These are major competitors which the White Sox go up against in addition to the Cubs.

While the Cubs have an advantage of a well developed entertainment neighborhood, this neighborhood has a rather narrow appeal to 20 to 30 somethings. The Cubs have done a remarkable job capitalizing on this demographic and I'm sure will continue to do so, but it is - in fact - only a slice of the overall pie.

The White Sox have many advantages over the Cubs (if you ignore the aforementioned demographic in which the Cubs have a clear advantage). Easy access to the park (via automobile), amenities within the park itself etc. This points to a family friendly approach.

Cut ticket prices in half for the 14 and unders, start running ads asking if a week in Disney World is really better than an entire summer at US Cellular. Does fifteen minutes in front of a slot machine (with your kids at home) really equate to taking everybody to a White Sox game?

I've been clear I think the broadcasting needs a complete play-by-play overhaul so I won't beat a dead horse, but if Wrigley Field's renovation repositions the Cubs to be able to compete for families as well as 20-30 somethings it will cut into the White Sox's competitive advantages.

This is not going to get solved with boutique beers, questionnaires or mascots. They've got inherent advantages - they've got to exploit them.

"I loved Ol' Ballantine Beer when we went up against Johhny McGraw and Hughie Jennings in Baltimore........Mercy........."
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