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Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
Most of the moves before and during the 2006 season were solid. (But I will point out that Chris Young was one of the top prospects in all of baseball, and you simply don't see anyone else trading that level of prospect for solid, but not great veteran starers like Vasquez). We probably would have been worse in 2006 without them.. But in 2007 they really clowned it up (he started listening to Guillen who wanted a "move those runners up" offense) with Erstad, and Jerry Owens; and when things disintegrated, they didn't take the opportunity test our young prospects (Sweeney had 45 at bats; Owens had 356. Gio didn't pitch at all) and they traded for an awful Richar (with friendly Arizona). And then Williams got rid of the better prospects in the ill-fated Swisher trade. Fortunately, the Quentin trade #1 was fantastic. But since that time, he's made some good small moves, but most of his real trades have been particularly poor.
Owens got so many at bats because Erstad, who was supposed to be the starting center fielder, got hurt. Owens was not suuposed to be anywhere near the 2007 team until everyone started getting hurt. The real problem with the 2007 team was the bullpen, which was Kenny's "pet project" that year.

Go Sox!!!
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