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Originally Posted by shingo10 View Post
That was an extremely dangerous lineup that seems to me is exactly the kind of offense to be using as a mold. Yes the pitching was outstanding but it is foolish to overlook the fact that this team came up with a big score seemingly at will.
This is the exact kind of misconception that is out there. There was nothing dangerous about the '05 Sox offense. They were only dangerous because they were so heavily buoyed by the pitching staff, but if the pitching on that team was only "very good" or "excellent," it's hard to see how they could have won the division or even made the playoffs. You're looking at a team that won 8 games more than it's Expected W-L, had a .650 winning percentage in 1-run games (that's INSANE).

That team did not have an offense built to win. They were lucky enough to have a pitching staff that could win despite their clear, obvious, and numerous flaws. And they got lucky repeatedly. Most great teams do though, so it's all good. Finally it was the Sox's year to do so.

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