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Originally Posted by Wedema View Post
My daughter and her friend did pretty good today with autographs. They made it through 4 of the 6 lines and got Beckham, DJ, Stone, Lindstrom, Wise, DeAza, Farmer, Thigpen, and Reed. Tekotte was supposed to be with Beckham and DJ but was late coming out so they missed him (and he was sent down after the game). One of the other lines was Hawk and Greene and I think that Jones was in the last line with two other guys (Jordan Danks maybe was one of them).
Very nice! One of my friends was there and got Fisk to sign a ball too. It looks like most of the team has been out there now minus Konerko, Rios, Sale, Veal, and Flowers (who's started every Sunday home game so no surprise there).
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