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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
It's because Kenny, correctly, saw that the '05 team was carried by a once-in-a-decade type pitching staff and the team DESPERATELY needed help offensively. Did any of you even watch the '05 team? Did you not notice the amount of 3-2 and 4-3 games they won? I don't even have to look at the numbers to know how below average that team was offensively, they just had a lights out pitching staff.

You can cherry pick whatever numbers you want about sac bunts or stolen bases but you can't get away from 9th in the AL in runs scored. The 2005 White Sox did not have the kind of offense you should be using as a mold.

A very good leadoff hitter with great speed.
A number 2 hitter who was phenomenal with bunting, hit and run, working with Pods so he could steal, then moving him to 3rd. Had some nice pop too.
A real solid middle of the order. 40 hr from Konerko. Everett and Dye were above average hitters as well.
AJ had around 18 homeruns I think
Bottom of the order had some real pop with Crede and Uribe. Rowand was more than adequate at his spot (usually around 7th)

That was an extremely dangerous lineup that seems to me is exactly the kind of offense to be using as a mold. Yes the pitching was outstanding but it is foolish to overlook the fact that this team came up with a big score seemingly at will.
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