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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
I would think Dunn's the only guy whose contract is so terrible that the Sox just aren't going to be able to move him. Rios only has $12.5 M guaranteed on his deal after this year plus a $1 M buy out in 2015. Peavy's contract's not bad. Konerko and Floyd's deals expire after this year. Assuming Gavin's not too hurt, they won't fetch a ton, but you would think you could get something... There's always 1 dumb ass team always willing to overpay for a middle of the road SP rental.

We shall see.
I think Rios has a reputation around baseball as having a "don't-give-a-****" attitude. I don't know how eager other clubs would be to add him to their clubhouse midseason. Obviously just speculating, but I would guess the Sox would have to eat some of that contract to deal him.

Peavy's contract is very fair. He's still a quality pitcher, a guy any team could use. I think the Sox could get good value in return if it comes to that.

I would guess Floyd will be with the Sox for the rest of the year, and then he'll be hitting the bricks. This is his third DL stint in the last two years. You're correct that it only takes one idiot who is willing to overpay for a SP rental, but even bad GMs stay away from oft-injured pitchers.

Paulie is another guy that other teams would want, but his 10/5 rights would allow him to dictate his destination. It's hard to get great value in those situations. Just ask the Cubs. Because of the circumstances surrounding his situation, he might be more valuable to the Sox as a rostered player than he would be in any trade.

Besides Dunn, the first guy I think of in terms of bad money on this team is Danks. He's obviously the other completely immovable object on the roster.
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