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Originally Posted by shingo10 View Post
I just think that if an injury pops up for another team in which they have a need that we could supply why not get going with it? I fear any value guy we have will be worth nothing by the time July rolls around. We are simply spinning our wheels and we are already playing Greene, Gillaspie, Flowers, and Danks. Our lineup is not major league quality as is. Yes it can get worse but this is not working. Beckham and Tank will certainly help when they return but it might be too late by then if we continue to not win series.
Because it is April 28. Only a coward gives up 24 games into a 162-game season. Let's not pretend the Sox are 10 games out. This team has played terrible and has bit hit hard by key injuries, yet the gap between the Sox and the top of the division is just four games.

Granted, "We play in a crappy division" isn't much of a rallying cry, and I know it's a Chicago tradition to throw in the towel at the first sign of adversity. But the season is not even close to being over. In fact, it has barely started.

If the team is still playing like this into June, then yes, you start thinking about making changes. I figure about 60 games into the season, you should start to have a pretty good feel about where things stand. We aren't even halfway to that point yet, and we won't be for another week.

And I hate to tell you, but I think Peavy is the only veteran on this roster who would bring a nice return in a trade. Barring injury, his trade value isn't going to be any less in July than it is right now. I don't believe in trading guys because you're fearful they might get hurt. I think the prudent thing to do is hold on to him, see what happens with this team, and if you do decide to deal him, offer him to multiple teams and try to create a July bidding war. No sense in just selling him off now because some other team "has a need." That's bad business. Fans can afford to be emotional. GMs cannot.

If the Sox trade Alex Rios, your new starting RF is Dewayne Wise. I know that's a sad truth, but that's how it is. That's not a move that builds for the future. That's just plain ol' bull****, and you'll never see me advocate that on this board.
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