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Originally Posted by Golden Sox View Post
This team is not the same team we had on Opening Day. We're minus Beckham, Tank and this past weekend Keppinger. That's three everyday players the White Sox were counting on heavily in 2013. I'm hoping Keppinger is back this Tuesday. He was starting to hit and he got hurt. This eight game road trip can be a diffucult one. I hope we get out of it with at least 4 wins. I'm also hoping Hahn makes a move to improve this team offensively, sooner rather than later.
Good luck with that thought, the Sox have nothing to trade and are already about at the payroll limit.


If you are into a rebuild mode you don't keep a pitcher in his 30's (Peavy) who if healthy might actually bring you some good prospects in return, given as well that he has a reasonable three year deal.


I don't think anybody is "wishing" for a rebuild. I think 99% of all Sox fans wish they were like the Yankees and just reloaded every season spending whatever amount of money it takes. But that's not going to happen and even to me (and I hate the thought of rebuilding) it appears that this approach is one Hahn has to at least consider since as was discussed in another thread the Sox seem to be perpetually stuck in that Twilight Zone of 85 wins. And it honestly looks like they might not even reach that number this season.

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