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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post

I'd also like to note that there isn't going to be any "firesale" until at least July. Be careful what you wish for, folks. I know it's bad right now, but yes, it can get worse. Remember, every player who gets traded needs to be replaced by *somebody*. I don't want to hear any "Just play the kids" ****. We don't have any kids to play.
No doubt about that. It will get worse. When you go into the season with Wise, and his .095 good-clubhouse-chemistry batting average (he should just be released) as your top bench bat, you've given yourself zero room for error.
An impotent farm system, caused mainly by poor drafting and development, is the main culprit. But poor trades (in giving away prospects and in trading for prospects) haven't helped either.
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