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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
Typical if you ignore the fact that Axelrod was even with Pirce after six. Price is a superior pitcher. He came into the game with an ERA infated by two rough games, particularly a 13-0 loss to the Indians in his second start, but he was the more skilled starter in today's game.

This was a game the Sox could have won and probably should have won, even with the score tied after six. Every loss but Saturday's on this homestand was lost by the bullpen, a couple with the help of defensive lapses. And the bullpen played a factor in Saturday's loss.

I think the game turned, no twith the game-tying home run against Axelrod, but with the line-drive double play. The Sox seemed to be getting to Price, who may have been in the game too long because he wanted to get his first win, which he couldn't get if he left with the score tied. If Flowers gets the ball though the infield, the Sox have a very good chance of at least pushing across a run. That woudl have been a different ballgame. I don't know if Ventura tries to get another inning out of Jones

If the Sox had the lead. If the game is tied late, you don't want to burn too many pitchers, and I can see how it's tempting to leave Jones in for another inning. He has such great stuff. Unfortunately, he is often behind in the count. While his stuff is good enough to pitch from behind in the count he isn't as effective after he puts runners on basse. I don't know if he tires after one inning, necesarily, althogh a couple of times this year he has had bad second innngs. It might be that he stiffens up on the bench or he loses his rhythm.

The game was still winnable when Thornton got Loney, but the error let it get away, reminiscent of a Rays win with Juan Pierre dropping a fly iin left a couple of Aprils ago. All hope seemed lost when Rios finished a brutal inning by grouning into the double play. Ventura putting in the pitcher who just got into town for the ninth to give up two more tells me he is concerned about overworking his bullpen.

Really, I think the Sox have a pretty good bullpen, but this weekend, this homestand doesn't back that up.
The bullpen was rested with the blowout yesterday and there is an off day tomorrow. You don't worry about using too many pitchers in a tie game in the top of the eighth.
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