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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
I'd also like to note that there isn't going to be any "firesale" until at least July. Be careful what you wish for, folks. I know it's bad right now, but yes, it can get worse. Remember, every player who gets traded needs to be replaced by *somebody*. I don't want to hear any "Just play the kids" ****. We don't have any kids to play.

I just think that if an injury pops up for another team in which they have a need that we could supply why not get going with it? I fear any value guy we have will be worth nothing by the time July rolls around. We are simply spinning our wheels and we are already playing Greene, Gillaspie, Flowers, and Danks. Our lineup is not major league quality as is. Yes it can get worse but this is not working. Beckham and Tank will certainly help when they return but it might be too late by then if we continue to not win series.
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