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Originally Posted by MISoxfan View Post
I'll agree that the 2005 team did do a few things better than the 2006 team offensively.

I thought the 2005 team was a better team with Thomas in the lineup than Everett. I also think the team had a better winning percentage during that period, but I'm not sure. I just have a hard time seeing how the 2005 team with Thomas is very than the 2006 team with Thome.

In 2005 we had a more balanced lineup, but not just because we did better on the small things. The 2005 Rowand, Uribe, Crede, and Podsednik were better than the 2006 Anderson, Uribe, Crede, and Podsednik. I don't think that had anything to do with Thome or a changing philosophy. I think doing worse in the small ball parts of the game is just due to worse production from the parts of the order that you expect to do those things.
2006 Crede was better than 2005 Crede. 2006 Podsednik fell apart in the second half and I don't think he was completely healed from that groin injury in 2005, it seemed to me that Uribe started always swinging from his heels in 2006 too.

Go Sox!!!
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