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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post

Interesting question you pose.

In 2006 the team fell apart in the second half because the pitching went south but also because the hitting stopped driving in runs with men on base and in key situations. I'd submit (and this is just my opinion) that the 2006 team "only" hit home runs, they lost that balance they had in 2005. Like subsequent Sox teams when they didn't hit home runs, coupled with less than stellar pitching in the second half, they lost games, period.

This was the result of the Thome for Rowand deal which changed the overall dynamic of the club. (That's not saying ANYTHING bad towards Jim, a true professional by the way) The Sox became a softball-like, station to station team.

When you look back I'm surprised Kenny did this since it was his bold decision to change the dynamic of the team with the Lee / Posednik deal before 2005 that helped that club win a World Series.

Kenny felt he was improving the team and again he gets credit for having the guts to make the move, it just didn't work out as well as what he did the year earlier.

I know that people like to point to the Thome trade and say that that was the White Sox moving away from the balanced approach from 2005, I disagree with that though. The hope was that Anderson would be able to step up and be able to replace some of the production by Rowand, so Thome was really more or less replacing Carl Everett. Had Anderson been able to hit just .250, it would have worked perfectly. The problem was that Anderson was hitting under .200 for most of the year and when the pitching went south, the White Sox had to rely on an offense first approach, you couldn't afford to have any black holes in the lineup.

Go Sox!!!
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