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I attended my first game last night and saw a lackluster effort. The whole team walked/barely jogged on and off the field. There were many bad throws whether it was Ramirez's error or numerous throws from the outfield, even on routine throws back to the infield. De Aza was most guilty of this, and his head down, moping act is the opposite of you want from a leadoff hitter. Greene, of all people, exuded a too-cool-for-the-room attitude. This year, the team has TERRIBLE body language. Some kind of move needs to be made to jolt this club into giving a full effort. This reflects badly on Ventura.

Floyd's injury is a blessing in disguise at this point (beyond him being healthy to get something for him in trade). He's been the most disappointing player on the team. He hasn't even been medicore. He's just bad. Whatever you think of Santiago, he's a much better option than Floyd at this point.

Speaking of Santiago, he warmed up in the strangest way I've ever seen from a pitcher who entered the game in a pinch because of injury. By his third or fourth warmup pitch, he was throwing very hard. It was like he thought he was on a time limit. Very, very odd. Perhaps the super-quick way he warmed up was responsible for his underwhelming performance that followed.

I had good seats 10 rows above the Sox dugout. From there, you could clearly see that Flowers has a bit of a hitch in his approach to the ball that causes his load to drag. The guy sitting next to me said the same thing. We had the same view angle that the coaches have in the dugout. Very surprised that this hasn't been removed from his swing by now. I don't see how he has any chance to succeed consistently with it.

Could this be Konerko's last season in the big leagues?

As I was watching the game last night, I found myself thinking how much of a shame it is that we're wasting the talent and performance of Rios and Peavy. They should be leading us to victory. Instead, they'll likely be part of a fire sale in a couple months.

I'd add that the Sox have created a weird atmosphere in the park. The two bad pregame videos have already been talked about him a lot so I won't get into that outside of saying they they need to be permanently removed (and the person/people responsible for them need to answer for really bad judgement). What was striking, though, was the odd way music was used. All the little music cuts were just incessant throughout the game, regardless of the situation. Some were just horribly out of place and inappropriate. It smacked of a minor league game meets Bozo's Circus. For some reason and despite all their surveys, the Sox seem to be rapidly losing their way in how to present a ballgame.
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