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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
The Sox won because of their pitching. The offense was yes, "balanced," but it was also "not very good." The 4.57 RPG they scored in 2005 was good enough for 9th in the AL. Very rare for teams to finish the season with a below league average RPG and win the pennant. The offense was good enough to win because their pitching was incredible, but the pitching staff is what carried that team from Game 1 to 173.
Pitching is what carries every team that has success. Even Ozzie said "You can't win the Kentucky Derby riding a donkey." The pitching was undoubtedly the biggest factor in the 2005 White Sox success, but second to the pitching was the defense. The only real weak spot on the White Sox defense was left field and it's not like Pods killed you out there. That focus on defense was a 180 from the teams that Kenny used to run out there with Jose Valentine, Carl Everett and D'angelo Jimenez up the middle (I think that was also the year Kenny was quoted as saying he thought the offense would over come any defensive shortcomings).

The balance of the offense that year was the icing on the cake, they were able to execute so when we couldn't hit home runs we could still win games. The ability to move guys over (either by stealing bases, hit and runs or bunting) was what enabled the Sox to win so many one and two run games. We have seen the White Sox lose enough 1 and 2 run games of the past few years to demonstrate the value that the 2005 team's offense had.

Go Sox!!!
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