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Originally Posted by TDog View Post

Whether the Sox would have come back in a close game isn't certain. The Rays were trying to get innings out of their B relievers tonight. It was still good to see the tying run come up in eighth after all that had gone wrong tonight. If the bullpen hadn't allowed so many bad things to happen, this loss would have been downright frustrating with the Sox twice leaving the bases loaded.
Ventura essentially punted the game when he wouldn't get Santiago out of there. He tends to do that sometime - let pitchers pitch us completely out of the game. Maybe he didn't have much choice tonight, but, as you said, the Rays were using their B relievers, as were we.

It's one thing to lecture fans about Floyd being a 4th starter. The Sox don't think he is, as per the salary they pay him...that's the problem.

Fire Sale - just keep Peavy healthy and, honestly, maybe even Sale. And negotiate. No give aways.
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