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Originally Posted by WhiteSox5187 View Post
I had no idea that Gavin gave up 19 unearned runs. I am willing to bet that that is an exception rather than the rule, I would think the difference between unearned and earned runs is far less.

I also wouldn't say that it indicates a pitcher can't overcome mistakes made by his defense (though sometimes that is the case), I think it is also indicative of a bad defensive team. Buerhle gave up a lot of unearned runs back in 2003, while he had a bad year that year, the 2003 was horrendous defensively. If you're a ground ball pitcher like Buerhle you need your defense to come through for you.
I didn't look up Gavin Floyd's unearned runs, although I was guessing it would be around 20. Yes, even 19 unearned runs is excessive for a season. I was remembering innings where an error prevented a third out and he gave up a couple of hits after that. Many unearned runs, while unearned, are runs that strong pitching can prevent.
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