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I don't know how the Sox didn't score in the second, and tonight's game really would have been easier if they had. Reed's shakiest outing of the year, but he gutted it out to pick up his third save in three days and second against the same team. Maybe the delay after the double didn't help, but if he had put away Molina with two stikes and one out, the Rays wouldn't have made the ninth so interesting. I expect Reed will have Saturday off even if the Sox take a close lead into the to of the ninth.

Dunn is having a good series. I hope he has turned a corner. He has actually swung the bat like a real No. 3 hitter these last two nights. A huge RBI single to get the Sox on the board after going down 3-0. Meanwhile, Peavy held the Rays as the Sox came back with home runs from the bench. Fortunately, the bullpen had enough in it tonight to hang on.

A good win when Sox pitchng wasn't on the top of its game.
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