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Originally Posted by amsteel View Post
He didn't start seeing the extreme shift in almost every AB until he came to the Sox. The way he hits, that's probably 30-50 BA points right there.

That doesn't account for the power numbers, though.

I'd much rather have my team posses TATW, the ability to win, than TWTW.
Well yes and no, but the shift has been going on for a long time. Back when Travis Hafner was good, he faced a shift, David Ortiz shift, Giambi.

And the truth is, the Shift is a result of..... BUM BUM BUM..... Stats... Spray Charts showing where hitters hit the ball.

There was a debate on the radio the other day how hitters who make hard outs into the shift don't have bad luck, they have a stubborness and inability to learn to hit the other way. Its like in basketball, when teams realized Shaq shoots 70% inside the paint, and 40% from the free throw line, so just keep fouling him. Well, Shaq was not unlucky, he just did not learn to make free throws.
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