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Originally Posted by hawkjt View Post
I find WAR to be a very unwielding way of assessing how a player is playing at the current time. It seems like the sabermetricians reject players ''getting hot'' and assume all production is completely random. I disagree. They do not value ''clutch'' hitting or believe certain players are better than others in those situations. They do not believe that RBI is a valid stat,because it is all random....this is why I reject some of their hardline beliefs.
WAR is a counting stat, no different than any other. It is not intended to be used as "who is the best player right now?" It's supposed to define one's entire body of work. Just in the same way a guy with 20 career HR might homer in the same guy a guy with 500 career HR might now. That doesn't mean the guy who hit 20 career HR was a more prolific power hitter than the 500 HR guy, it just means that in that one day, he was.

And RBIs are not viewed as invalid because "they're random," it's because they're so heavily dependent on your teammates. Last year there were 9,629 RBIs recorded in the AL and 2,500 HR hit. That means that 7,129 (almost 75%) of the RBIs were scored by another player than the guy at the plate. That's too much dependence on players other than the one being guaged. There are MANY, MANY better stats, even for the dubious "clutch hitting" argument, that do not depend on your teammates.

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