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Originally Posted by soxnut1018 View Post
No, fans (sabermetric people included) have complained about him being awful. I don't give a crap about his will to win, I care that he hits home runs and gets on base.
Again, I don't think Harrelson was talking about players being crappy but having the will to win.

The point being glossed over is that free agents who are signed to big contracts after posting numbers often never come close to posting those numbers again. If Adam Dunn is crappy after his signing initially excited people who liked his pre-signing numbers, it's either that the numbers didn't provide enough information about Dunn to justify the signing and he should have been scouted more thoroughly during his last season in Washington or he was playing to get the big contract and after signing it lacked the will to win (or perhaps a combination of both). Complaining about Dunn having crappy numbers, career bad by a wide-margin into his third year after signing a huge contract is the sort of thing I think Harrelson was talking about when he was talking about the will to win. Really, I thought that was obvious.

Because Harrelson didn't call out any players, and I believe it would have been wrong for him to do so, people seem to think he was talking about taking about wanting to go into the season with a bunch of Rodney McCrays running through walls. I think it is more inaccurate to read a defense of the White Sox philosophy into his statements, as if the White Sox signed Adam Dunn because they believed he was put up crappy numbers that didn't matter becuase he has the will to win.

Harry Caray, the White Sox Harry Caray, not the one who lacked the will to be an honest and even entertainingly offensive broadcaster after signing for the big bucks with the Cubs, would have said the same thing. But he would have named names and left no room for ambiguity.
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