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Originally Posted by Whitesox029 View Post
My thoughts:
I would add the Diamondbacks to the list of generic/uninteresting uniform sets. I liked their original uniform design (minus the goofy colors). They currently wear a black alternate with their original "A" logo, I think. That's my favorite one.
I also very much like the Cardinals' decision this year to go back to the all-red caps and helmets on the road as well as at home. A navy blue hat for a team called the Cardinals never made sense to me.
The Rangers need to stop the schizophrenic red/blue thing--pick one and go with it--preferably blue. Also, ditch the annoying name/number font. Same goes for Cincy, Milwaukee, and Seattle on their dark blue alternates.
I personally like the Rangers uniforms because both the blue and red represent the Texas state flag colors.

I like the older style of uniforms with the stirrups, however I think most teams have nicer uniform designs today. I'm happy that the alternate black jersey/cap craze appears to be over. Obviously, the look is good for the White Sox, but when the A's, Blue Jays, Royals, Mets among others all had black alternate jerseys, I knew they had jumped the shark.
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