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Originally Posted by hawkjt View Post
Hawk is no better or worse than these folks...he believes in the eyeball do I. Hawk is a story teller as a play by play guy,and while it can be tiresome, I still like it better than the cold fish approach from the newer generation.
I wouldn't say Hawk follows the old approach as much as he does his own very peculiar and tiresome one. He exists in a league of his own considering the dreadful silences, the pouting when losing, the pettiness, and so on and so on.

Baseball announcers have one of the best jobs in the world, IMO, and Steve Stone tried to stress as much at the end of last season with his parting words: "You have to enjoy what you do". I often wish there would be an influx of new announcers that think outside the box and have fresh ideas on how to draw people into the game and make it more exciting for the average fan and the more hardcore, as well. When I do watch other broadcasts in different cities I'm not usually overwhelmed by the creativity and lucidity in which they call a game, but in contrast I'm often really embarrassed when I'm reminded of White Sox announcer situation.
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