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Originally Posted by dickallen15 View Post
I think if you're not using both traditional and sabermetrics, you are missing the boat.

One question about sabermetrics regarding WAR. That seems like the number so many people use as an end all. Has anyone ever added up every teams individual WAR and put them into standings at the end of the season? And if they have, how do they match the actual results?

Hawk is not the Sox GM so he is not making player personnel decisions,so his opinions on stats vs eyetest do not impact the Sox on the field...all that really matters.

I find WAR to be a very unwielding way of assessing how a player is playing at the current time. It seems like the sabermetricians reject players ''getting hot'' and assume all production is completely random. I disagree. They do not value ''clutch'' hitting or believe certain players are better than others in those situations. They do not believe that RBI is a valid stat,because it is all random....this is why I reject some of their hardline beliefs.

Hawk is no better or worse than these folks...he believes in the eyeball do I. Hawk is a story teller as a play by play guy,and while it can be tiresome, I still like it better than the cold fish approach from the newer generation.
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