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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
Here is the entire interview:

I watched about five minutes of that before I had to turn it off. Strangely, I thought that Hawk did better than I thought he would. I think he was wrong but for all the right reasons. His points about Harold Reynolds and the little things that a guy can do in a game (such as turning the double play quickly or snaring a grounder that at least keeps a guy from going to first to third) is absolutely correct. I also think he's right when he calls Brian Kenny out on bunting by pointing out that every game and every at bat is different, however that whole WTW or whatever the hell it is is such a load of bull****. EVERY one wants to win, that's how you get to the majors.

It would have been interesting to hear Steve Stone in that segment, he seems to take that balanced approach to sabermetrics and the intangibles.

Go Sox!!!
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