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Originally Posted by jdm2662 View Post
The will to win! I recorded and watch it. Wow Hawk, you are a bitter old man. Retire already. But, it's good to know you had fights in and out of the ring. Gotta show you are a tough guy!

Harrelson may well be a bitter old man who should have retired years ago. I have never liked him as an announcer except in the knowlege that he was no longer the GM, where I wasn't a fan of his talent evaluation. But I believe the etiquette of television prevented him from making his point effectively. I've heard other baseball coaches managers say pretty much the same thing.

I don't believe Harrelson was talking about a team full of David Ecksteins. I don't think he was talking about a lineup of Paul Konerkos because I think he would be looking for more speed in most of the spots in the order.

What I have heard is coaches and managers disdaining some players with monster numbers because they don't have a strong will to win. If you're comparing players achieving at similar planes of production, it isn't necessarily the player who has the better numbers who you should want on a winning team.

Harrelson isn't going to talk about the players he wouldn't take over Konerko despite their superior numbers, not for an audience anyway. But every White Sox fan has seen pitchers put up good numbers who didn't seem to care enough about winning.
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