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Originally Posted by Milw View Post
Just pointing out the inaccuracy of your straw man argument.
I guess, although, do you have any kind of citation or context for that quote? I don't doubt Beane at one point may have said it, but just a single sentence in isolation can be taken wildly out of context. I could very easily see him meaning that he can't watch the games personally because, as management, it's more difficult to do your job when you develop an emotional attachment to your employees (players). You don't have to dig too deep on this board to find plenty of garbage players the Sox have trotted out there the last few years who have ardent supporters; there are folks who defend Brian Anderson of the .227 career BA that he didn't get a fair shake. Or that Brent Lillibridge and his career .207 BA is the answer to our depth problems.

I know I usually abhor these real world/sports world metaphors, but I think this one actually works - I've been in management positions before where you have to work on restructuring or downsizing an organization and it's difficult to think of the little boxes you're crossing out as real people. It's probably the same logic he's alluding too, a guy whose that invested a team can't help but develop illogical emotional attachments to players if he watches them 162 times per year. It doesn't say anything about not wanting to have traditional scouts give him information about their observations or that they cut traditional scouting out altogether, for all we know, he just means HE'S better at HIS job if he only visualizes the players are lines in a spreadsheet or numbers on paper.

You know what Thomas Jefferson said about believing everything you read on the internet.

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