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I can absolutely see where analysis of data pays dividends, and we've got an example of it right here in Chicago (although we're on the wrong side of it) with Adam Dunn.

A few years ago teams simply defended him in a regular "Ted Williams Shift", but evidently the numbers have shown that putting a fielder in short right would reduce his effectiveness.....and it has.

Stats are additional information plain and simple. Information which may or may not be used by teams to help make decisions. It's not an all or nothing proposition, and if a scout or GM uses this data it doesn't make him a automaton.

I'd must sooner have a guy making informed choices by using available data over somebody who thinks you can field a winner by getting guys who "bow their necks, cinch it up, strap it down, dial it in and hunker down".

The very fact Ken Harrelson opines on what makes a good team / GM makes me laugh out loud. He had his chance and how did that go? (See - Jose DeLeon for Bobby Bonilla)
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