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Originally Posted by dickallen15 View Post
I really don't see how a team could rely very heavily on sabermetrics for a draft. HS and college baseball is a totally different game, from the aluminum bats, to the higher seamed baseballs that are used in the NCAA.

The Nationals were very fortunate to have the number 1 pick 2 times when there clearly was one player above all others. Any team not using sabermetrics at all would have drafted Strasberg and Harper.
You're right, silly me, I was unaware that the Nats only fielded a 2-man roster. See, here I went and thought they had a 25-man team like the other 29 MLB franchises, but that's my mistake. I'll amend my posts in the future.

Sabremetrics are for more than just scouting. Does anyone think if Bryce Harper where in the White Sox farm system, he'd be an up and coming superstar? Or, more likely, he'd be on the fast track to burning out of baseball by the time he's 30? He'd probably still be in Birmingham, hitting .220 while striking out 45% of his PA's.

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