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Originally Posted by kittle42 View Post
Whether or not you agree with Hawk, he's likely to get steamrolled in this one.
Agreed, although I think Brian Kenney is a bit of an idiot too. I think most people who are in Sabermetrics (at least in front office positions) can and will acknowledge that there is a huge human element that is at play when it comes to baseball and that cannot be quantified by any measure of statistical analysis. Hawk's original comment was "Give me a team of guys that want to win," that was stupid and hyperbolic.

His overall point though I THINK was that there are psychological elements that come into play that can't be quantified. You can use any cliche you would like, but there are in fact some guys who wilt under pressure, who can't play in large markets and some guys and teams who are able to produce more than the sum total of their parts would suggest. The reasons for that can't be quantified and I doubt they ever will be but they need to at least be acknowledged when you are talking about stats and player evaluation.

Go Sox!!!
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