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Originally Posted by amsteel View Post
But how had the team been playing to that point? You can be a lucky bad team at four games under, or a unlucky good team. You can't gain alot of context from just the standings.

Also, I don't think I would consider a team 4 under at Memorial Day 'done'
The start of 1983 wasn't so different from the start of 2013, although it wasn't a lack of offense that was so much the problem. Ron Kittle was having a strong rookie season and got off to a fast start. But the strenghth of the team was supposed to be pitching. The Sox had signed Floyd Bannisster who was much worse early in the season than Todd Ritchie at the start 19 seasons later. Bannister was consistently bad with an ERA consistently over 5 until Memorial Day. The Arizona Republic in Phoenix did a story about ASU pitching legend Bannister at the All-Star break, concluding he was too gutless to get AL hitters out.

Incumbent ace LaMarr Hoyt in mid-May was 2-6 with an ERA over 5 in mid-May. Before this team started winning ugly, it was losing ugly. Of course, Bannister ended up winning 16 games, 13 after the All-Star break, and Hoyt won the Cy Young Award.

The 2007 White Sox looked much better through May than the 1983 White Sox. But as Ron Kittle told a reporter during the horriblly disappointing start in 1983, the Sox began the 1982 season 8-0, and that didn't work out so well.

This isn't to suggest that getting off to a bad start means the team will contend. But it's a long season. If not for two melt-down innings by the bullpen on this homestand, the Sox would only be one game out of first. And the bullpen is supposed to be a strength.
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