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Originally Posted by delben91 View Post
Eh, more power to those that want to stay positive and believe something "could" happen. If that makes baseball enjoyable for them I've got no problem with that. I think some folks here think that you're either a pollyanna or dark cloud. There's a lot of in between but if you have to be either of the extremes, give me the pollyannas any day.

I think this team ends up being average at best, though I'd love to be surprised like I was last season. One benefit to being out of contention is it would give me a lot more spare time in the evenings this summer.

I thought I'd be like this in 2007 but there was actually something enjoyable about watching even though they were out of it real early. It was fun watching Thome, Dye (Until he fell off), Konerko, and AJ try to carry a bunch of scrubs like Luis Tererro and Andy Gonzales.

Also the Andy Gonzales 3 error inning was incredibly entertaining.

Plus I thought we had a budding superstar in Josh Fields...oops.

Its been discussed here before but I'm definitely one who will try to catch the Sox no matter what their record is and try to find some spark of hope for the future.

That being said it sucks watching a team that doesn't care (2011) so hopefully Robin and these guys fight it out no matter what.
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