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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
It's not the distance, it's the personnel. This is a 70ish win team and it's played as such. 83 wins would be topping out.
Essentially you're saying there is no room for improvement.

The personnel isn't as bad as the Sox have played. The White Sox might be in first if the bullpen had performed better,even with De Aza and Keppinger not hitting. I think the bullpen has underached and will do better. I think the team is a lot better offensively than it's played, although for the third season now I believe the team woutl be better offensively if Dunn weren't in the lineup.

It is easy to be pessimistic. You would be right every year from 1960 to 1982 if you threw up your hands and said the Sox don't have the personnel to go anywhere. In 1983, which started not so different from this, you would have been wrong, but Dunn is no Bull. Still, I can't imagine deriving the pleasure that some people do about being correct in their pessimism.

Analysis is one thing. there are things I would like to see the Sox do differently. There areae things I think the Sox could do to improve their lineup. There are things I think Ventura could do to give the Sox a better chance of winning some games, although today he made the right pitching moves. I have no problem with discussion, but too often here I am reminded of Monty Python's argument clinic.

The "we suck" stuff becomes tiresome.
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