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Originally Posted by shes View Post
A 112 OPS+ is a 112 OPS+. He was decent enough last year to warrant more than a 3-week evaluation.
I'll have to disagree; this is a classic case where sabermetrics fall short.

Look at his numbers of 2011-2012, outside of the first 50 games of 2012:


I don't care how well he hit in April and May of one year if that is what you are getting the other ten months of two full seasons. He could magically transform into Willie Mays for two months, if you're getting the above production the other 260 some odd games, he's hurting your team - big time.

Now, using your eyeballs, you can see he is garbage in 2013. There's no reasonable, er, reason to expect him to improve at this point. He's not worth the space on the roster.
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