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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
And let's also not pretend like you probably couldn't point to AT LEAST three games last September that Robin made a pretty, eh, shall we call it bizarre, managerial decision that could have cost the Sox? I'm not saying he was the sole problem with the crash and burn September the Sox had last year, but it's not like his moves weren't backfiring, either.

Guy was great from April to August. He went into a funk with everyone else.
What happened in September of last year was that Robin's complete lack of experience coaching at any level of professional baseball started to show. I think he panicked a bit and started to over think things. I am not saying that the collapse was totally Robin's fault, but his inexperience contributed.

Robin has mad some questionable decisions but then again the bigger problem seems to be that the roster pretty much sucks.

Go Sox!!!
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