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Originally Posted by guillensdisciple View Post
Ehh, first years with new coaches tend to go well. This year will be a greater indicator. I am not saying this is his fault, I just feel that I don't think this team will actually allow him to be as good of a manager as he might be. After all, we're not that good, and he might get canned because of that anyway.
What you seem to be saying is that Robin Ventura would have been a better manager if he had spent last season gaining experience in Charlotte rather than gaining experience in a major league divisional race.

I don't know how you reached your conclusion that first-year success somehow doesn't seems to maen anything because it is a given. There are plenty of examples of first-year managers in baseball who have failed miserably. Deep into my childhood, Johnny Keane managed the Yankees to a sixth-place finish after replacing Yogi Berra, who lost the World Series in 1964, the Yankees having gone to the World Series pretty much all the time in those days. And Don Gutteridge didn't make me expect so much from first-year managers. Thinking through my life watching baseball, it just keeps going on. Seattle, for example, both for the Pilots and the Mariners, was an aweful place for first-year managers.

Certainly Ozzie Guillen wasn't a great first-year manager. His first years in Chicago and Miami didn't gain any disciples.
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