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Originally Posted by SoxandtheCityTee View Post
Noticed that. We were in fabulous seats and when Keppinger didn't even try for one to his right and later one to his left, we were looking at each other saying, Beckham would maybe have got that, right? Or at least made the effort? Sigh.

I mean, in the grand scheme of things, it's not as big a deal as Dunn looking so mind-blowingly bad at hitting a baseball. And Keppinger got the job done at the plate. But in close games -- and there've been a bunch of those so far -- the defense looms large.

I posted during the road trip that the Sox might be missing Beckham moe than most fans might believe. Beckham, in addition to his solid defense, got off to a good start offensively. It looked like he changed the angle of his bat in his stance, and it seemed to be making a difference. Keppinger has always been a good hitter, but his defense doesn't compare to Beckham's. This April, Keppinger hasn't been hitting nearly as well as anyone expected. And Gillaspie seems to be in a bit of an offensive funk. Replacing Beckham with Keppinger at second hasn't helped offensively or defensively.

If Beckham has stayed healthy, I expect the White Sox would be in first place right now, considering that no one is running away with the Central.
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