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Originally Posted by KingXerxes View Post
This seems to be a common theme, but I'm not certain it's a correct theme.

I'm not privy to all the inside details of the White Sox financial strategy, but I have to believe a higher turnout at the gate would lead to a greater revenue stream, and therefore a higher net. One can't look at this and say, "Reinsdorf is just happy making money." because I can almost guarantee you if there is a lot more money to be made, and he's not getting it, he'll be working his butt off to get it.

I think a fair statement would be "Reinsdorf isn't going to bet the ranch in order to acheive the possibility of larger rewards right now". In other words he's risk averse at this point - which is far different from saying he's satisfied just making some money.

While it seems as though this distinction is splitting hairs, it really isn't. Reinsdorf can add to his bottom line by simply trying to harvest what I think is a huge, untapped reservoir of White Sox fans just by getting a decent marketing team in place. The damning thing about it is he never seems to get around to actually putting a decent marketing program in place. To his defense, Reinsdorf is not a marketing guru - he's a money raising guru, but he's got to get somebody to straighten out the marketing side. Right now the team just appears adrift as to whom they are marketing toward, and what the selling points should be. For all we know the lost upside could be killing Reinsdorf, yet he's incapable of righting the ship.

I realize things are always more complicated than most people realize (myself included), and I can see where the stadium deal may actually trim a lot of incentives out of increasing attendance (e.g. rent kick ins and such) and I don't think he's looking to move the team and cash out that way - I'm not even sure he'd be able to do that with the stadium deal (which still has a ways to run).

It may simply be a case of loyalty overwhelming the common good (my take), or the fact he's simply not the right person to address the issues facing the organization and its fan base right now. I doubt he'll sell with pricing being depressed, so we'll all just have to hope he brings in the right people.
If value is increasing and profits have been rolling in for years, no need to take chances. He does very well with other peoples money and that is why he is a very rich man. As Ive said before he has the pigs get fat, hogs go to market philosophy, which has worked very well for him.
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