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I've given a great deal of thought to all this so here goes: I firmly believe the White Sox are going to be looking to move to another stadium in around 10 years. (The lease expires in 2026) One of the problems that I see, is what would the State of Illinois do with the Cell if the White Sox move to another location in the Chicagoland area? That being the case, perhaps the State of Illinois will give the White Sox another sweetheart deal at the Cell and will offer upgrades to the Cell. One of the upgrades will be a bigger more modern scoreboard. I also wouldn't be surprised to see a retractible roof built over the Cell. I remember Hawk and Stone talking about putting a retractible roof over the Cell last season. The White Sox attendance has been hurt in the past and this season because of the cold weather in April. It's certainly no fun going to a game in April, May and September freezing you dupa off.

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