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Originally Posted by Moses_Scurry View Post
At what point do the Sox do what the Dodgers did with Andruw Jones, release him, and eat the salary? I have to believe the salary is a sunk cost unless Hahn can pull off a miracle and trade him for some relief.
Ha! Fat chance Sox ownership will do that. They'd sooner blame the fans for not supporting the team enough that admit that they're accountable for the Dunn fiasco, cut their losses and eat his contract.

Oct. 2014 (the end of Dunn's contract) seems like it's years away right now.

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- Still time to turn things around in 2nd half
- In Aug/Sept: Another lost season - time to bring back Ventura & Co for 2016.
Special mention: - Blame Sox fans for not showing up to games as soon as the team has one winning streak.

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