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Originally Posted by ChicagoG19 View Post
The Cubs can tank 2-3 years and still draw 39,000 a game. If the Sox tanked 2-3, we are looking at Expos-type attendance. I say this as a die-hard Sox fan, but it is the reality of being 2nd-fiddle in the city in terms of popularity.
The Cubs will still draw well, but to assume these numbers is no longer realistic. Even many Cub fans, especially older ones, are sick of hearing the Hope Springs Eternal stuff. 39,000 a game? I don't know. Maybe with tickets sold. But actual people in the seats will not equal that. The Cubs can no longer assume they can do anything they want. Once 2008 happend, things began to change.

But you're right about the Sox. The fan base just isn't strong enough fo the team to tank it like the Cubs are doing.
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