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Originally Posted by shingo10 View Post
This is not a major league roster on offense. It is embarrassing and a total slap in the face to everyone who supports this team year after year.

They knew damn well after last season about the shortcomings of this team on offense and did NOTHING to change it. They added zero depth even though it was clear that was an area we were lacking in. Don't know what the hell Hahn was doing.

Boneheaded plays on defense are becoming the norm and that is surprising to me but when maybe they are feeling more pressure knowing that if they allow a run to cross home plate its probably a loss.

And we suck in extra innings.
A couple of Hahn's moves have actually been amongst the few bright spots this year, specifically Gillaspie and Lindstrom.

I get the argument he should've done more, but if he had his hands tied by the payroll gods he's done well in some of the moves at the edges.

You can cite Keppinger as a rebuttal but I don't think anyone figured he'd be this atrocious.
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