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While I don't envy the position Ventura is in with this roster, I am about lose all respect for him if he keeps putting an automatic 0 for 4 in the fourth or fifth spot in the batting order. Why have a manager if he is not going to adjust his line up based on player performance?

If Dunn does not retire this homestand, which would make the most sense (why bother going on the next road trip) he will officially become my most hated White Sox player.

Is any local media asking him why he is doing this? I would love to hear his side of this. I'm sure the Sox would give him a chunk of money to go away so it can't be only financial.

If the retirement isn't announced soon the only conclusion to make is that Adam Dunn is content with stealing money from an organization and dragging it down as low as his sub. 100 batting average will allow.

I honestly think he will do the right thing and retire before the next road trip.
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