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Originally Posted by Dan H View Post
Right now, regardless of what happens on either side of town this year, I have more faith in the White Sox turning things around than the Cubs. I really don't know what the direction the organization is going at the moment. Many Sox fans don't, and that is one reason this thread has drawn so much attention. Although I have been a critic of the organization, even I can see it puts a solid team on the field from time to time. And it does it more often than the god-awful Cubs.

For a time, I thought the Cubs may have been on the right track. But the more I see from the Cubs, the more I think they are headed for a disaster. The White Sox situation is not good, but I've come down from the ledge. I only wish I knew what their real plan was.
How in the world can you think the Sox are on a better path? Look at the Cubs' minor league system. Look at the philosophy of tanking 2-3 seasons to be a ligit contender. Not that they will all pan, out, but those players are much more promising than anything the Sox have. We are treading water.
Ridiculousness across all sports:

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