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Originally Posted by LoveYourSuit View Post
Sadly the Cubs have no need for Dunn, even if it was for Soriano.

There has to be a team out there needing a 1B (NL) or DH?

Giants? Is Lincecum a bust big enough right now at $20 million to offset?

Just thinking out loud.
I can't see that. I know Brandon Belt is off to a slow start, but his .781 OPS last year was only slightly below Dunn's .801. And Belt plays decent defense and makes only $550K. Even though Lincecum's inconsistency is enough to drive anybody mad, I think I'd bet on him figuring it out over Dunn figuring it out.

I'm afraid the Sox are stuck with Dunn. I was hoping they would trade Dunn this past offseason, but perhaps there was no market for him. If there was no market for him in December, there certainly won't be a market for him now when he's off to a miserable start.
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