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Originally Posted by sullythered View Post
Dunn was fine last year. .800 OPS from a DH is fine. He had one horrible season in his entire career.
I don't think an .800 OPS is fine for a DH at all, and on top of that OPS is just another stat and you can't just look at it in isolation. I am very much in the stat camp in most things, but I don't think anyone would argue that an OPS of .800 from a guy hitting .204 is the same thing as an OPS an OPS from a guy hitting .270. I can excuse a lot of strikeouts as long as they come with power, walks, and at least something resembling a major league batting average. Dunn's national league career was the perfect example of this, but a guy hitting .204 better be some amazing defense and batting 6th or 7th, even with 40 home runs.

I don't think his numbers as a whole are bad, but they are not acceptable for a DH.
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